Miles of air, from Miles!
Published on November 1, 2010 By milesofair In Travel

It seems that Italy has been on the minds of people recently! A couple of my friends have expressed an interest in travelling there, and so I guess this means that there's a group trip forming...

Which is great, really, what with Italy being a place I've never been to. The villas in Italy that they've been looking at seem nice too! But the big problem is that I know we wont be able to decide what to do. Art? History? Eating, eating eating? Drinking the coffee? Explore the amazing countryside? See the beautiful cities? All too much.

I think I might just let them fight it out between themselves, really. I'm up for whatever, and everyone who knows me knows I'm the indecisive type! But whatever it is we end up doing it had better be memorable! I'd quite like to take a trip around Rome and see the sights, and those little scooters and all. Where's piza? Is that Italy? Yeah that's another place to go to.

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